Chairman’s Message


Hello, this message is aimed at Generation Z, GenZ. You who represent our future and our pride, you who are setting out on your adult lives, do you want, throughout your existence, to be told what you can do, what you have to do and when you have to do it? Do you really want to live your life under someone else’s control, without freedom, without choice, without taking YOUR OWN life in hand? In a society which is more and more difficult and subject to an ever-growing number of crises, expect nothing from nobody. It is time today, more than yesterday and more than ever, to take action. Why not imagine that everything is possible? These two words: FREE & ENTERPRISE represent the future. Your generation is afraid of nothing. The future belongs to you. You can and you MUST be this change. You are an entrepreneur, a FREE ENTREPRENEUR. Direct sales, this form of short distribution channel, is THE solution. The Direct Sales company you sign a contract with will take care of everything. You can even build up your networks abroad. At DL-Group, we provide you with a careers opportunity as part of a team. Whoever you are, wherever you come from…. Contact us. And most of all, Let’s be the change.

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