How to be successful as a brand Ambassador on Instagram?

How to become an influencer on Instagram? The second-biggest social network in France in terms of user numbers is just behind the company that owns it, Facebook. Instagram! With more than 16 million mobile users on the social network, it has become the number one channel for influencers. More than 800 million people throughout the world frequent this social network dedicated to photos. How has influence marketing flooded this social network so that it has capitalised on all of its actions for certain agencies and/or platforms? Undoubtedly because brands themselves have also sensed the opportunity to get their message across to an ultra-targeted audience. Communication via the image created by the social networks and the famous Instagram hashtags allows consumers to quickly receive a message passed on by influencers.

An internet influencer is a person who, over several months or years, has succeeded in building a community around a special interest, a subject, a cause or any other area that can attract people. This often arises from a passion and genuine motivation to make a commitment to a universe. Whether this is in the field of fashion, beauty, travel or hi-tech, Instagram can respond to all of the challenges connected to these themes if you are bursting with ideas and creativity. Influence is essentially measured via the ability to build a big enough community which is sufficiently committed to what the influencer shares. Having tens of thousands of subscribers can sometimes be sufficient for people to claim to be an influencer on Instagram. It only then then remains to prove the attention garnered by the various publications.

The many qualities of an influencer on Instagram are as follows :

  • Choosing the right theme
  • Establishing a strong editorial line
  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Investment of time
  • Regularity of publications
  • Ability to take good photos
  • Ability to put together a video montage
  • Sharing at the right time
  • Using the right Instagram hashtags without
  • overdoing it (5 or 6 per post)
  • Ability to put on a good show
  • Ability to engage with your community and to communicate
  • Meeting your community to solidify commitment
  • Creating partnerships to make yourself more viral
  • Participating in events and meet-ups
  • Ability to get people talking about you outside of Instagram

What is GenZbyDLG?

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The influencer on Instagram

“C’est la communauté qui fait l’influenceur tant qu’il partage du contenu pertinent et qu’il est régulier !”


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