Direct sales counsellor:

The role of a direct sales counsellor is to present a product or service to a consumer, outside of a location designed for commercialisation. They often specialise in a particular area (clothing, cosmetics, jewellery, telephony, etc.), and they need the ability to target the correct customer base for their range of products and then obtain customer loyalty thus developing a network of customers and counsellors.

Missions of a direct sales counsellor.

Much like a sales representative, a direct sales counsellor must know how to be convincing but most of all needs to provide genuine advice. A satisfied customer is a customer who comes back for more! A direct sales counsellor must simultaneously be a salesperson and a creator of social ties; they can organise sales events in people’s homes and develop a service activity that integrates information and communication technologies. Furthermore, a direct sales counsellor has the advantage of benefitting from a certain amount of freedom. They have autonomy, they can manage their timetable as they see fit in accordance with the sales objective they have set themselves.

Skills required for becoming a direct sales counsellor: commercial skills, articulacy, autonomy and organisation. It is possible to embark upon a career as a sales counsellor without any specific qualifications. It can be a source of additional income on top of a main professional activity as a part-time or full-time job. The home sales sector is profitable: direct sales in France represent a turnover of more than 4 billion Euros per year and involves as many as 600,000 people. There are therefore many openings. Counsellors can obtain IDV (Independent Door-to-door Vendor) status and organise their workshops and sales autonomously.
The personalised approach, the possibility of demonstrating products in real everyday situations and the service provided by competent sales counsellors are the factors that make this distribution method so successful.



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